Summoning The Bygones is 
BILOCATE's early visions presented in a new outfit, we'd like to share the same spirit and music and ideas we had 7 years ago with different arrangements, production, and sound quality.
The album also includes a fully modified version of "Days of Joy" under a new name (which is actually the very first name this song had originally when it was created in 2003, in addition to a brand new song and a cover of "Dead Emotion" for one of the legends in Doom / Gothic Metal genre PARADISE LOST from their legendary album “Gothic” rearranged totally in BILOCATE style. [Recording this version] it’s a way of celebrating 20 years from the release of this amazing record that created a whole new Metal genre. We hope you'd enjoy Summoning the Bygones.
Album art by 
by Matthew Vickerstaff of Darkwave Art